50 Reasons For The Shift Café

50+ Reasons

For The Shift Café

The Shift Café in the town centre of Burnley offers a wide range of groups and events and help and support people through their struggles being a social hub focused on health, music and creativity.

In Burnley most of us have witnessed unbelievable improvements in our customer’s mental health and general well-being that may quite possibly have to be seen by others for it to be believed!

50+ Reasons

Learn New Things Every Visit

Make Friends

Discussion and Debate

Real Talk

Real Peope

Laugh an Have Fun

Make Music With Others

Be Creative

Relax and Chill Out

Learn Instruments

Learn Recording

Share Your Own Knowledge and Skills

Vegan Option

Low Risk of Closure Due to Low Expenses

Good Company

Volunteer Opportunities

Wayne and Barry’s Impromptu DIY

Arts and Crafts

Free WiFi

Free Use of Computers

Free Printing

Write, Recite and Listen to Poetry

Express Yourself

No Judgement

Perform for Others

Get Constructive Criticism

Political But Polite Talk

Provides a Gateway Into Work

Helps Local Community

Provides Training

Helps Whilst Unable to Work Part / Full Time

Mental Health Benefits

How It Creates More Creatives

Learning Sound Engineering

Not Reliant On Any Funding

Cohesive and All Are Welcome

Like Minded People

A Platform for Talent

Very Welcoming

Instruments Free To Use

Non-Alcohol Options


Jam Sessions

Unique Place


DJ Nights

Hip Hop Nights



Affordable Food and Drink Options

Creates Positivity

Feed The Homeless At Christmas

Help People Less Fortunate

Poetry & Spoken Word Nights

Recording & Production Workshops

Games Day

Hip Hop Nights

People With Empathy

Non-Alcohol Workshops

Local Charities and Support Services Help

Always a Listening Ear

A local hub

It’s a safe haven!

We hope to see you soon at The Shift Café in Burnley!


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